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Essays/Information on Satanism

Satanism & The History Of Wicca
by Diane Vera, "Theistic Satanist"

Michelle Remembers: The Debunking of a Myth
by Denna Allen & Janet Midwinter (this article courtesy of the Temple of Set)

Satanism: Skeptics Abound
by John Johnson & Steve Padilla (this article courtesy of the Temple of Set)

by Kenneth V. Lanning Supervisory Special Agent, Behavioral Sciences Unit, FBI







The following are copies of FBI files, acquired by the Darkside Collective via the Freedom of Information Act

FBI file#: SF 89-289: joint Federal Bureau of Investigation/U.S. Secret Service investigation, from 1980, into Anton LaVey making death threats against a Congressman

FBI file#: SF 31D-10807: FBI investigation, from 1985, into Anton LaVey forcing women into Pornography and Prostitution **COMING SOON**
File has not yet been scanned








Group unveils Satan statue design for Oklahoma
by Sean Murphy, Associated Press

Is God Poison?
by Brian Bethune, MACLEAN'S magazine (April 2007, pages 38 to 44)

'A Witch in prison? Canada will pay for a Wiccan priest'
by Tom Blackwell, National Post (January 25 2003)

Wear this Helmet... See God
by Robert Hercz, SATURDAYNIGHT magazine (October 2002, pages 40 to 46)

'Intolerance of the Occult'
by Louise Taylor, HERALD-LEADER staff writter (July 25 2001)







The Darkside Collective Ministry in the media

Center for Studies on New Religions
An article on the Darkside Collective Ministry

Current Affairs program on Vision TV:

Interview with Darkside Collective Ministry member Tala de Sade





The Hermetic Order of the Knights Templar

The Hermetic Order of Freemasons




Hall of Honor (works of distinguished Satanists)

Essays and Accomplishments of Michael A. Aquino (Founder, Temple of Set)






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