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HISTORICAL ROOTS: The Darkside Collective Ministry is an eclectic body that traces its origin to many sources - the Hermatic Order of the Knights of Templar of fourteenth century France, Sir Francis Dashwood's Hell-Fire Club of eighteenth century England, the ritual magic of Aleister Crowley (nineteenth and twentieth centuries), and other Historical Black Orders, some of which date back to the early Neolithic Age (10,000 B.C.E.). Some similarities can also be found between the Darkside Collective Ministry and the Gnostic order of the Cathars. It departs from its predecessors by (1) the openness of its magical endeavors, (2) its honesty to its members and the public.

CURRENT WORLD LEADERS: Grand Master, High Priest, Founder, and President, Reverend Scott Robb; Edmonton, Alberta; Canada.

ORIGINS: The Darkside Collective Ministry was formed in late-March 1999; Grand Master S. Robb proclaimed the beginning of a new Satanic Era. Initial growth came from word-of-mouth.

GEOGRAPHIC DISPERSION OF MEMBERS: Members and supporters of the Darkside Collective Ministry are spread around most countries, including: Canada, America, Australia, Europe, Asia, South America and Africa.

ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE: The Darkside Collective Ministry is focused in the Central Church in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. It accepts or rejects all potential members and charters other congregations around the world. Isolated individuals relate directly to the Central Church. Power to regulate members is in the hands of the council, which is a division of the Priesthood.

LEADERSHIP AND ROLE OF PRIESTS: The Priesthood of the Darkside Collective Ministry is comprised of individuals who are adept in the performance of rituals. The rank of Priest is also conferred on those who have achieved a measurable degree of esteem or proficiency and/or success; one's level of membership within the Church corresponds with his/her position and level of success outside the Church. This form of stratification determines the leadership and selects the governing body of the Church. A celebrant, who has a working knowledge of and ability to conduct services and is authorized by the Central Church, can conduct rituals.

WHO MAY CONDUCT A RITUAL? Anyone can conduct a ritual, but actual ordained ministers are required for major rituals like Weddings, Baptisms, Funerals, and Ordinations.


WORSHIP REQUIREMENTS: Worship in the Darkside Collective Ministry is based upon the belief that man needs ritual, dogma, fantasy, and enchantment.Magic, pertaining to Satanic worship and as defined by Aleister Crowley, is defined as "the science and art of causing change to occur in conformity with will." Satanic Worship consists of magical rituals and there are three basic types: sexual, to fulfill a desire; compassionate, to help either another or oneself; and destructive, used to productively vent anger or hate.

MINIMUM EQUIPMENT FOR WORSHIP: Varies with the type of ritual performed but often includes a black robe, an altar, the Scapegoat (symbol displayed above the altar), candles, a chalice, elixir (any drink most pleasing to the palate), a sword, and parchment (can be regular paper or animal hid).

FACILITIES FOR WORSHIP: Any private place where an altar can be erected and rituals performed.



SPECIAL RELIGIOUS HOLIDAYS: The highest holiday in the Satanic religion is the date of one's own birth. Every man and woman is a God if he chooses to recognize that fact. After one's own birthday, Halloween is the most important. Halloween was the great fire festival among the ancient Druids. The solstices and equinoxes - which fall in March, June, September, and December are also celebrated. Historically, the vernal equinox, in March, is celebrated as the Satanic New Year.

FUNERAL AND BURIAL REQUIREMENTS: The ruling council of the Darkside Collective Ministry perform funerals, and the Central Church should be contacted in the case of death.

AUTOPSY: No restrictions.

CREMATIONS: No restrictions.

MEDICAL TREATMENT: No restrictions.


IS A PRIEST REQUIRED AT TIME OF DEATH? Not unless specifically requested by the dying individual.

BASIC TEACHINGS OR BELIEFS: The Darkside Collective Ministry worships the metaphoric representation of Satan, most clearly symbolized in the Roman God Lucifer, the bearer of light, the spirit of the air, and the personification of enlightenment. Satan is not visualized as an anthropomorphic being, rather he represents the forces of nature. To the Satanist, the self is the highest embodiment of human life and is sacred. The Darkside Collective Ministry is essentially a human potential movement, and members are encouraged to develop whatever capabilities they can by which they might excel. They are, however, cautioned to recognize their limitations - an important factor in this philosophy of rational self-interest. Satanists practice magic, the art of changing situations or events in accordance with one's will, which would normally be impossible.

CREEDAL STATEMENTS AND/OR AUTHORITATIVE LITERATURE: The texts compiled by Anton LaVey into the Satanic Bible provides an extensive compilation of the direction for the Satanists � The Satanic Bible. Members are urged and encouraged to study pertinent writings which serve as guidelines for Satanic thought, such as, but not limited to, the works of Charles Darwin, Mark Twain, the Marquis de Sade, George Bernard Shaw, Friedrich Nietzsche, Dr. John Dee, Aleister Crowley, Ragnar Redbeard, etc.

ETHICAL PRACTICES: The ethical stance of the Darkside Collective Ministry is codified in the list of Satanic Ethics, this list can be found on the home page.

In general, Satanists oppose:
the use of narcotics, which dull the senses,
suicide, which cuts off life (the great indulgence), and
stand firmly for law and order.

The Darkside Collective Ministry is not to be confused with "pseudo-Satanists", or "devil worshippers", groups that are known to engage in illegal activities.

HOW DOES THE DARKSIDE COLLECTIVE MINISTRY RECRUIT NEW MEMBERS? The Darkside Collective Ministry does not proselytize but welcomes inquiries from honest potential Satanists who hear about the Ministry by means of the mass media or word-of-mouth. New members must go through a screening process before they are accepted.

RELATIONSHIP WITH OTHER RELIGIONS: The Darkside Collective Ministry stands as a gathering point for all intelligent, rational, progressive individuals who believe in what right-wing Churches oppose and our members are generally hostile to the teachings and resultant behavior patterns of the right-wing churches. To a lesser extent, the same position holds for Eastern religions.









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