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The Darkside Collective Ministry, as a Religious Charity, is obliged by that status, to:

  1. devote its resources to charity;
  2. continue to meet all the requirements of registration; and
  3. file Form T3010, Registered Charity Information Return

If the Darkside Collective does not meet these obligations it will lose its registered status.

The resources of the Darkside Collective are required to be devoted to charitable activities. The Darkside Collective is prohibited, by federal regulations, to use its income to benefit its members (members, trustees, proprietors, etc. will not be paid). Darkside Collective Ministry revenue may, however, be used to pay for services and other expenses that are associated with the normal operation of the religious charity. The Darkside Collective is also required to show that its activities and purposes benefit the public, those who are eligible for benefits are a significant section of the public as a whole, and the activities must be legal and not contrary to public policy.


In accordance with the federal regulations in Canada which require all registered religious charities to file a Registered Charity Information Return (or Form T3010) submitted to Revenue Canada within 6 months following the end of each Fiscal Period, the Darkside Collective Ministry observes a Fiscal Period of March 21st to March 20th (or 53 weeks) which will be covered by the church's financial statements. Failure to file the Registered Charity Information Return will result in our registration being revoked.


A gift is defined, by the Government of Canada as "any voluntary transfer of property for which the donor does not receive or expect anything in return. Contributions of services does not constitute "property" and therefore is not a gift". According to the Government of Canada, the following conditions must be met in order to qualify as a gift:

  1. Some property, either cash or a "gift-in-kind", is transferred by a donor (a gift-in-kind is property other then cash)
  2. Property must be given to the Darkside Collective voluntarily. The donor must not be obligated to part with the property; and
  3. The donor is transferring the property to the Darkside Collective without expecting anything in return. No benefit of any kind can be provided to the donor or anyone designated by the donor as a result of a gift.


Apartment-style residences and other facilities will be included on Darkside Collective properties, primarily for the use of lodging visiting members.

These apartment-style residences and facilities will also be made available to the public in times of need or emergencies; such as for use of students and employed individuals/families in extreme cases of homelessness (proof of employment will be required first), natural disasters, lodging/protecting abused children and women, and when possible Darkside Collective facilities may also be used to help shelter rescued animals.

The Darkside Collective Ministry, as a religious entity, is prohibited from supporting or opposing, monetarily or otherwise, any political party or candidate for public office. However, the individual members of the Darkside Collective Ministry may support or oppose whatever political party, or creed, they wish.


Lord Templar of that region will deal with any unforeseen event that may occur in any of the countries in which the Darkside Collective has a presiding Lord Templar. However, the particular Lord Templar MUST make regular and frequent progress reports to the Grand Master until the event is fully addressed/resolved. The progress reports MUST include quotes of what is said by both sides, up to the point of that report.

In the event that a Lord Templar is considered unfit to perform his/her obligations the Grand Master will appoint a replacement Lord Templar.

In the event that the Darkside Collective is sued, or sues another party, a minimum of two Lord Templars, or the Grand Master, must be present in the courtroom as representatives of the Darkside Collective Ministry (if unable to attend, the Grand Master should appoint someone to go in his/her place).


All of the members must send the Darkside Collective Ministry a picture of themselves to officially identify them as representatives of the Darkside Collective. Due to privacy concerns, members photos will not be displayed, with the exception of the Council members.

The Grand Master is the High Priest, equivalent to a "pope". The Council members, Lord Templars, are the equivalent of "archbishops", while the High Templars are the "priests". The Senior Templar are the highest level that is generally accessible by members who do not show an increased desire to advance based on their "hard productive work". The Templar and Squire members are newer members who either must work hard for the Ministry in order to advance, Templars remain in their level for at least nine (9) years and Squires remain in their level for at least three (3) years). All who join the Darkside Collective Ministry must, however, first be an Initiate for at least (3) years. Council members decide when Templar, Squire, and Initiates may advance, only a resolution reached through a meeting between the Grand Master and the Lord Templars may allow any member at the levels of Templar, Squire, or Initiates to fast-track their advancement.

The following is a list of all the ranks and what they mean within the Darkside Collective:

Grand Master � International Leader (only one in the Ministry)

Lord Templar � Senior Council members (along with the Grand Master, the Lord Templar make up the ruling body of the Darkside Collective Ministry)

High Templar � Council Members (determined regionally; Lord Templars nominate Senior Templars in their region, nominees must be approved by Grand Master)

Senior Templar � Highest general membership (there may be an unlimited number of members in this level)

Templar � Member for nine years or more (there may be an unlimited number of members in this level)

Squire � Member for three years or more (there may be an unlimited number of members in this level)

Initiate � Member for less then three years (there may be an unlimited number of members in this level)


ALL members are obliged to immediately notify the Grand Master of any changes in their information (i.e. change of names, changes in mailing address, change of email addresses, marital status, criminal records, resignations, etc.) and must keep SOME form of contact with their Lord Templar. Exceptions must be negotiated with the Grand Master.


The membership fee for members of the Darkside Collective Ministry is "hard productive work" which will, in some way, benefit the Darkside Collective Ministry. Failure to pay required dues will result in a membership review and an eventual termination of membership.


All applicants MUST, at very least, show that they have a grasp on true Satanic philosophy. Applicants must also be aware of the Darkside Collective Ethics, and other pertinent information (which is available in the Darkside Collective Ministry Members' Handbook; which can be ordered from the Darkside Collective by contacting us; it costs $5.00 USD), and must show a willingness to work hard and productively for the Darkside Collective Ministry, for themselves, and for the Satanic Movement.

Applicants who excessively hint at 'Devil Worship' should be informed of their error and told they can re-apply when they have researched Satanism and will be referred to where they can find proper books on Satanism and the Occult. If they claim they have researched Satanism, they will be permanently rejected and ignored.

There is no set age limit for membership, however, the applicants MUST show serious signs of maturity. Applicants of, or under, the age of 14 must prove their maturity before they can be considered (an interview with the parents of applicants requested to confirm parental consent for minors applying for membership in the Darkside Collective Ministry).

Any applicant who uses drugs WILL be informed of the "Ninth Enochian Key" which "...warns of the use of substances, devices or pharmaceuticals which might lead to the delusion and subsequent enslavement of the master..." It MUST be made clear that drug-using applicants know that we cannot tell them to stop using drugs, as it is their choice, but if they chose to continue using (after they're acceptance into the Darkside Collective Ministry), they must make sure that they make it clear that drug-use is AGAINST Darkside Collective Ministry policy!


Members of the Darkside Collective Ministry may resign at any time they wish. However, members who resign must send a letter, via regular mail, to the Darkside Collective Ministry International describing the reason they wish to leave the Darkside Collective.

If a Council member has resigned and wants to be reinstated in their old council position MAY be denied re-entry into their previous Council position unless the said position is still vacant. Instead, they must accept a position as a High Templar (if space is available) or as a Senior Templar.


The Darkside Collective reserves the right to remove any member if they are proven to be guilty of any of the following:

  • Not contributing his or her hard productive-work for, or failing to pay the annual fee to, the Darkside Collective.

  • Willfully bringing slander, dishonor, or hardship to the Darkside Collective or any individual member herein.

  • Willfully deceiving the Darkside Collective, or any member, in a way that will negatively effect the Darkside Collective.

  • Harming or otherwise disrespecting ANYONE in an unprovoked or unwarranted manor.

  • Forcing or influencing ANY creature (human or non-human) to do anything against its will.

  • Acting foolishly or childishly.

  • Taking undue financial advantage of the Darkside Collective.

  • Violating social/public laws, if the results are harmful (this includes, but is not limited to: desecrating property, theft, rape, assault, breaking and entering, and fraud).

  • Excessively violating any of the points in the Darkside Collective code of Ethics.

  • Violating any of the policies herein.

In the case of "first offenders", members who are accused by only one other member will result in an investigation and warning. The accused member must be impartially proven to have violated the above by a minimum of two members, independently, before more serious action will be taken. If there is a repeat offense by any member, or if evidence is supplied by a member or any law enforcement agency in the world, there will be an impartial investigation by the council members. After any such mentioned investigation, if there is ANY reasonable doubt in the accusations against a member, a vote among the Council members will be called. However, after all evidence is viewed, if there is no doubt the accused member will be immediately removed form ALL membership lists and will be banned from re-applying!


Locations will only be managed by the regions Lord Templar (the International Headquarters will only be managed by the Grand Master), unless specifically authorized on a case-by-case basis as a resolution from the .

Location Obligations: the manager of the locations may appoint any member working in any Darkside Collective location, to complete the following tasks (more than one obligation may be assigned to one member):

  • Manager of location � appoints members to specific tasks, ensures location is run sufficiently, makes location policies, and reports status to the international head.

  • Mail manager: incoming/outgoing (to their location), shipping (ships and reports to Council Members), filing, cataloguing, duplication, writing the reports to be officially filed), etc.

  • Media manager: communicates with their local media (reports to the international head).

  • Property manager/Computer Tech.: Maintenance (internal/external), Bills (leases, licensing fees, purchasing office supplies, etc), system (software/hardware) maintenance, and software development.

Members working in a Darkside Collective location will NOT be paid. Locations must be as self-sufficient as possible, using the location as a place of business (selling items or services) to take in a profit. Location managers must draft a budget for their location, which will include: Bills, Rent, Supplies, Taxes (we may decide to apply for tax exempt status at some point in the future), etc. Surplus profit will be sent to the international head to be added to the Darkside Collective bank account.

Safety protocols MUST be made in each location to prepare for any form of emergency or attack (including terrorist attacks and random violence); any confidential files (member contact info, etc) that may be in any location MUST be taken with, or destroyed by, members when evacuating the location (unless files are on the computer database). Also, all computers must require passwords to access Darkside Collective files. A copy of all lists of members, contact information, and all other documents should be filed and locked up in a safe at the international headquarters of the Darkside Collective Ministry.

Policies Regarding Darkside Collective Bank Accounts

Only a small percentage of any money raised will remain with the location that raised it; that remaining money will be used to pay the expenses of their locations (bills, rent, supplies, and whatever other expenses � other expenses must be given the "okay" from the international head). ALL surplus of money raised from each location will be sent to the international leader to be added to the Ministries total bank balance.

Only the Grand Master and Lord Templars will have any access to the Darkside Collective Ministry bank account at any time, including signing authority for Darkside Collective Ministry checks. After sufficient funds are acquired in the Darkside Collective Ministry bank account, the funds will only be used by members for use in accomplishing the goals of the Darkside Collective Ministry.

Use of Darkside Collective Ministry funds for the following WILL be tolerated under the condition that either the item is considered Darkside Collective Ministry property or if the member who buys the item pays back the total amount used:

  • Anything that will directly accomplish the goals set in the Darkside Collective Mission Statement

  • Members' legal fees, if the Grand Master feels it is justified

  • Rent for Darkside Collective Ministry buildings and for P.O. Boxes

  • Bills (electricity, internet, phone/fax-lines, other utilities, etc.)

  • Supplies (pens, paper, computers, printers, scanners, etc.)

  • Maintenance of properties and tools owned by the Darkside Collective Ministry (interior/exterior of buildings as well as computers, printers, etc)

  • Local and foreign transportation (including expenses if approved by the Grand Master)

  • Occult/Satanism related items: books, ritual tools, etc. (Ritual items that are considered Darkside Collective Ministry property should be sent to the main Headquarters or nearest regional location)

  • reimbursing members who paid for items/services for Darkside Collective Ministry (receipts will be necessary for reimbursement to be possible).

Strict budgets must be drafted by ALL regional locations of the Darkside Collective Ministry and, after approval from the Council, must be strictly followed. The main headquarters will also draft a strict budget, which will be approved by the Council members, to be strictly followed.

Excessive personal use of any money raised through any regional location owned by the Darkside Collective Ministry, such as buying personal items (clothes, gifts, etc.), is strictly forbidden and will be seen as an act of "taking financial advantage," which is grounds for membership termination. The offending member will be expected to return the money in order to avoid possible prosecution.

Legal Policies

ALL material (text, graphics, objects, etc) created by ANY Darkside Collective Ministry members for the purposes of, use by, or within, the Darkside Collective is automatically copyrighted, or trademarked, to the Darkside Collective Ministry and any further use can only be granted by the written permission of the Grand Master.

Appeals to the Darkside Collective Ministry claim of copyright/trademark on any material must be directed to the Grand Master. After the complaint is received the international head will investigate the claim. If it is found the claim is valid, the material will be removed from the Darkside Collective Ministry list of copyrighted/trademarked items. If the claim is not valid the complainant will be notified. If the complainant persists in his/her claims, a fraud lawsuit may be taken against them.


Updates to existing policies may occur in the event at least two Council members feel it is necessary to do so. However, major changes are subject to the following limitations. These policies may ONLY be amended if current policies are deemed void by a majority of the Darkside Collective Ministry OR if the current policies do not cover a specific situation. In the event new policies are added, the Council of the Darkside Collective Ministry will create the new policies.

In the event current policies are deemed void by a majority of Darkside Collective Ministry Council members the policy in question will be modified or removed.

Privacy Statement

This Privacy Statement is to inform you how the Darkside Collective Ministry uses your personal and non-personal information when you join. Darkside Collective Ministry reserves the right to change this Privacy Statement at any time without notification.

What Personal Information is Collected From You

We do not collect personal information about you unless you specifically and knowingly provide such information to us in the process of applying to the Darkside Collective Ministry.

We endeavor only to collect personal information necessary in the circumstances related to accepting application for membership within our Ministry. In the above-mentioned instance, personal information collected may include, but is not limited to, your full name, address, phone number, birth date, and e-mail address.

How Your Personal Information Is Used by the Darkside Collective Ministry

Personal Information is only used by the Darkside Collective Ministry for the purposes stated at the time of collection or as otherwise set out in this section.

If you have participated in an online activity, your personal information will only be used for the purposes of that online activity, unless you otherwise provide us with your consent. We may ask for your permission to use your personal information for other purposes. We will only use this information for these purposes if you have provided us with consent to do so.

If you rise to the rank of �Lord Templar�, your name, likeness and region of representation will be published on our official international website.

When you voluntarily disclose information on the bulletin boards or in the forum and chat areas of our web sites, your personal and other information disclosed in your communication shall become public information and can be collected and used by outside parties. Such activities are beyond the control of the Darkside Collective Ministry.

With Whom Your Information Is Shared

There may be instances in which we are required by law to provide personal information without your consent. Such instances include random criminal records checks, emergency situations, or where required by governmental or other legal order.

Other than as indicated above, we will not sell, rent, share or otherwise make available your personal information to any outside parties without your consent. In such a case, we will tell you for what purpose such information will be disclosed and we will ask for your consent to "opt-in". If you want to share your personal information, you will have to respond affirmatively. If you do not respond, by default, we will assume that you do not want to be involved and your information will not be made available to outside parties.

How Darkside Collective Ministry Protects the Privacy of Children

We will not knowingly collect or retain any personal information of members, or visitors, to our websites who are under the age of 17, unless we obtain parental or legal guardian consent. Such information will never be sold, rented, shared or otherwise made available to outside parties without parental or legal guardian consent unless we are required to do so by court, governmental or other legal order. We encourage and support the efforts of parents and legal guardians of children to monitor their children's internet usage and to caution them against providing personal information to any website without their permission.

What Else You Need to Know About Privacy At Darkside Collective Ministry

Darkside Collective Ministry websites are committed to maintaining and protecting your privacy as a visitor to this website. However, we remind you that the internet is NOT a secure medium. As such, your privacy cannot be guaranteed when you communicate online or otherwise visit any website. The nature of internet communications means that your communications may be susceptible to data corruption, interception and delays.

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